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    Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router Trouble


    by ssmith ·

    I have connected all the cables as instructed and they are connected securely and correctly. All lights are lit up except for the one connected to the computer (none of 1 thru 4). It is connected to a new e-machine. When I tried to connect the router through another computer (my laptop) it seems to work fine, but not with the desk top e-machine. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. Yes I have called my internet provider(Charter/DSL) and I have called Linksys – they don’t care or can’t help me.

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      by ssmith ·

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      by jc2it ·

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      Disconnect one of the working computers and connect the e-machine.

      Does it work now?

      If yes, then maybe bad cable or bad port on router.

      If No, then your e-machine either has a bad NIC or a misconfigured NIC. It may be that you need to set the NIC in the OS to use DHCP instead of static IP.

      Let me know if you need more help.

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        by ssmith ·

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        there are no other computers connected at this time. I have tried to connect to another computer (my laptop) and the router works fine. The router is not recognizing the e-machine. It is set to use DHCP. Any other suggestions? When we remove the router and just use the modem, it connects fine to the internet. It just does not like the wireless router between the modem and the computer.

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          Wireless router

          by jc2it ·

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          I was assuming that both of the computers you connected the router to were via a Cat 5 patch cable.

          Turn off and unplug all of the connections to the router, modem and computers. Power cables and network connections.
          Wait a minimum of 1 minute. Plug in the modem to the Internet then the power. Turn the modem on, wait 30 second to a minute.
          Plug in the cable from the modem into the uplink port on the router. Plug in the power for the router. Wait 30 seconds.
          Plug the cable from one of the four ethernet ports into the NIC on the new computer. Plug in the power to the computer. Turn on the computer.

          By removing the power and network cable from all of the devices you ensure that the ports and services all get reset.

          Did you use the same cable and router port for both computers? If not then try this. Laptops sometimes are set to only use the Wireless network and not the cabled network, make sure you are connecting the same way on both machines.

          How many NIC ports are on the new computer? Often you will see two. Which one are you using? Try the other.

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