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    Linksys wireless network


    by supz ·

    I am a novice to wireless networking, but I have a question about it. My home has a wireless router 54G by Linksys with WUSB54G connections on each computer not connected to this wireless router. We have a 54G range extender downstairs also to help with the signal but from one end of the house to the other the signal is very weak and constantly kicks me off on the computers on the far end of the house. To give an idea of the setup, at the far end (to the left of our house near the garage) is our recreational room which has 1 computer+router. at the far right of our house (and upstairs) are the bedrooms which each have 2 computers. These computers suffer from limited connectivity even with the range extender by the stairs to go upstairs. My house is not the size of Shaq’s, but I need to know what Linksys product I need to deliver better signal to my upstairs bedrooms and potentially work with the range extender for better connectivity. Do I need an access point? I am not very familiar with the products, but need a point in the right direction.


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      by hal 9000 ·

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      It sounds as if the problem is either with what your house is constructed of or there is a problem with the Range Extender not being placed in the correct position.

      If the problem is with the construction materials you may need more than 1 Range Extender to get the signal all over the house.

      Just to check the signal strength and to see if there isn’t something else coming into play here you can buy one of there WiFi Seekers very cheaply and walk around your house looking for how strong the signal actually is.

      The blue thing listed here is what you are looking for it’s called a WiFi Seeker

      Now you could have the Range Extender located incorrectly and well within the range of the Router so you are not getting the Best coverage possible or you may need another Range Extender depending on the design of the building. It would also be a good idea to walk around outside once you have the setup done correctly and see how far away you are actually broadcasting that will allow unwanted people access to your Internet Connection and contents of your network as you may need to do something to prevent this from occurring. At the very least you want to prevent unauthorised people from logging onto the Net and downloading nasty stuff as you will be responsible for that Download and the Onus is on you to prove who was responsible for downloading the material if the Authorities become involved. So if you allow free access to your WiFi connection you are placing yourself in a position that isn’t such a good place to be in as you are [b]Guilty Till You Prove Yourself Innocent![/b]

      So you may wish to look up locking down WiFi connections to attempt to limit unauthorised people from accessing your Internet Access Point from the WiFi or placing unwanted data on any of the network drives.

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