linksys wrt300n router and cable modem problem?

By ronanwestlake ·
i've got a ntl cable modem hooked up to a linksys wrt300n wireless router. The modem works fine using ethernet cable to laptop but not through the wireless router. I can connect to the wireless network and a ratio of 3 packets sent to 1 recieved is shown but i cannot open a webpage or msn etc. If i connect a ethernet from laptop directly into a modem port i can access the router config page. I've tried resetting the router but it did not solve anything,what could be wrong with it?

any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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You may try this!

by kler83 In reply to linksys wrt300n router an ...

Cable modem gives connection to only one pc. That pc should be the one registered to your ISP because they usually copy the mac address of that pc. Now if you know how to open the router's set-up page (try typing the default ip of router - -on the address bar of internet explorer) then enter. Username is blank password is admin. Admin should be in lower case. Then go set-up tab. Choose mac address clone subtab. When on mac address clone subtab, choose enable and make sure the mac address on that page will have numbers but not all zeros. Then click (clone your pc's mac)button and save settings. After that you may go to STATUS tab to check if you have a valid ip and dns addresses. If ip and dns are zero, scroll down you will see there (dhcp renew) button-you may click that. Then you may secure your wireless settings under WIRELESS tab and exit from linksys set-up page, then try to get online. If you can get online try this ....CLaire

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Does wired work with the router?

by squirrelonfire In reply to linksys wrt300n router an ...

From what you said
" I can connect to the wireless network and a ratio of 3 packets sent to 1 recieved is shown but i cannot open a webpage or msn etc"
there can be many problems to your question.
1) Your wireless adapter might not work?
- Sit the computer next to the router then try to connect to the router wirelessly.
- Try connect to a different wireless router. If the problem persists, then it may be your wirelss adapter.
- If not, try step 2.

2)Your wireless adapter is not made by Linksys. If it is, that can be a possible answer to your issue. Call Linksys in regards to this matter if you are still in warranty.
- If you can't try that, do step 3
3) Your software may be at fault?
- Try turn off firewall, virus software, any kind of security software on your computer when.
- Go to the router configuration and turn off ANY wireless security encryption.
- Turn off MAC filtering (if turned on).
- Turn on SSID broadcasting.
- Now try to connect to the wireless router and then the Internet.
Post me the results of the test above after you try out all the steps.

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Try this too...

by kler83 In reply to Does wired work with the ...

Hello there...I hope you managed to make your network fine...

If not, hope this little info can help...
Try changing the channel--most of the time 1,6 and 11 will work as these 3 channels are non overlapping channels..

Hope to hear good news from you

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