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Linux 101

By strey ·
What are the benefits of running Linux vrs. NT? We currently are on a peer to peer network that has a server that basically is used just as a file and print server. Any help would be appreciated.

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Linux has many advantages over NT

by dcavanaugh In reply to Linux 101

1. Cost, especially if you have many client PCs. You can save not only the initial license cost, but also the CALS upgrade licenses in the future. If you use Linux, Samba, Sendmail, Apache instead of NT, Exchange, IIS, and SQL server, you could certainly buy Oracle for Linux, with money left over.

2. Flexibility. For any other internet services you might want to add, you can get just about ANYTHING for a Linux box (and almost always free). Not that there is a shortage of software for NT/2000, but you will certainly pay for it, and everything you add is going to contribute to instability (see #4 below). Not having to deal with the registry is worth something all by itself!

3. Remote administration. You can easily control the machine via telnet or web browser (check out the Webmin product). The console keyboard, mouse, and monitor can be replaced by an ascii terminal or dialup modem on a serial port if you are so motivated. W2K has "Windows Terminal Server", but it's quite possible that whatever cause the problem you're trying to fix is also going to prevent you from doing anything meaningful from the field.

4. Stability. The Windoze people will surely disagree, but most people run multiple NT servers for SQL Server, Exchange, and File/Print not so much for performance but because the software makes the machine unstable when they all run at the same time. Just for laughs, search for "BSOD" (blue screen of death) on your favorite Internet search engine. Count the hits. The prosecution rests.

5. Support. You can get better answers from the various newsgroups and tech. support forums than you are likely to get from Microsoft. Most Linux problems are NOT solved by rebooting or re-installing the operating system.

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Linux has many advantages over NT (2)

by dcavanaugh In reply to Linux 101

It is quite possible to build your entire enterprise around NT, and many companies do exactly that. Most companies end up needing at least one NT server, just because of specialized applications, some of which require NT. Most benchmark tests showthat NT does a much better job with multiple CPUs than Linux. On the other hand, Linux works better on machines with limited resources.

Choose Linux if low cost, high availability, and Internet stardards compliance is important to you. Choose NT if you want to buy shrink-wrapped applications from the local office supply store, and run them on a multi-CPU server.

Many of the MCSEs who read this message are too young to remember the mini & mainframe days. Those operating systems are dinosaurs, but NT has some glaring faults that were unacceptable 15 years ago. Why do we accept it today? Examples:

Rebooting as a first resort, for almost any problem.

Error messages that have nothing whatsoever to do with the real problem.

This should be a quite a discussion! You will find that emotions run hot in the OS debate!

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