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how to break password

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Like break a root password?

by XT John In reply to Linux

If this is a legitimate request to reset a root password... there are ways to do it. If this is an illegitimate request to crack into a Linux server for some morbid or illegal purpose... go somehwere else.

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New member, first post.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Like break a root passwor ...

You do the math.

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Windows Unix problem

by adebabs_2000 In reply to Like break a root passwor ...

I'm just leaning how to install unix, so i install it on my system.
during installation it ask for password which i supply then later ask for full name, users name and password which i did.
after installation it request for usersname and password and i put the one i used during installation but is telling me incorrect password.
Please kindly tell me what to do

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A few checks

by w2ktechman In reply to Windows Unix problem

First, is it trying to logon as root? If so, the username/PW will not work. Change user and try the PW again
Second, make sure the username and PW is in the right case. In Linux, the username is case sensitive as well as the PW, in Win, it is just the PW.
Also, try the root PW (should have been asked at setup) and log in as root, then change the user from there.

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Depends on

by XT John In reply to A few checks

which install he's using. Most of the newer Linux distributions will block login for root out of the box. Mandriva and Debian are like this, now. You need to sign on, and work some magic using vi editor to change a config file in order to enable root sign ons. But, without a root password, or a way to log-on... he may want to reinstall at this point.

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Oh and btw

by XT John In reply to Depends on

I apologize for the cynical remarks before... it's just that lately every other question is someone trying to hack, crack a system.

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No worries

by w2ktechman In reply to Oh and btw

I stayed away from it at first because of the original post.
after the response, is when I decided to answer.

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My apologies also

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Oh and btw

We've had a rash of new "members" here in the last couple of months who join and immediately begin posting questions like, "How do I crack Yahoo mail password?" and "How do I get admin privs to install unauthorized software?". I mistook you for one of these. My apologies.

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I usually break it like this.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Linux

I break it between "pass" and "word", but if you have a decent word processor, you shouldn't have to worry about breaking it. Your word processor should wrap "password" to the next line automatically without you having to break it manually. Check your word wrap and hyphenation settings.

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good answer

by XT John In reply to I usually break it like t ...

Is it me? or are these requests for hack this, crack that, skirt a proxy server, etc getting more frequent and annoying?

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