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By jairajraju666 ·
i have a problem.
i was using winXP as my OS befor but now installed linux red hat as OS, i have lost all my data which was persent in winXP befor can i regain the data wihch is lost.

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A lot depends upon how you installed it

by Deadly Ernest In reply to linux

if you installed over where the data was stored, then you got major issues as the installation would have formatted that part of the disc in the process.

If you installed to an empty partition or another disc then the problem is likely that the version of Red Hat you have doesn't recognise NTFS in its native install, and you have to go locate and install a NTFS converter file.

Best way to check what situation is to get a live disc version of a linux distribution that natively reads NTFS - I use SimplyMEPIS 6, Ubuntu, SuSE and many others will do this. Put the disc in and use the Live disc to check out your hard drives and what's on them.

Since you say Red Hat, and not it's current title of Mandriva I wonder what version you're running and how old it is. Or did you get the corporate version.

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Exactly same problem

by dland51 In reply to linux

I have the same problem, only I stopped the install when I realized where it was installing the system! However, I didn't stop it before Linux had created the partions and formatted! Nothing is installed on them though. My question is: Did you ever recover your data, and if so, how?


David Land

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