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By klillico73 ·
I am a long time windows user and decided to finally pick up a copy of linux so that i can learn something new. The only problem is that i really do not know where to start. Can someone giv eme some ideas where to start.

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What distro

by LordInfidel In reply to Linux

Did you get....? Below is my post from another question like yours....
When your coming from the MS/Novell world, *nix can be intimidating.

But just like when you learned MS OS', the same thing applies. Install it, break it, fix it.

I want to say go with red hat for learning purposes, but they are ending their support for RH after april. But nothing is stopping you from still using it. (although I am making the migration over to debian) Fedora will be the alternative to RedHat, since the RH distro will be a pay only.

If you want the pretty desktop then go with RedHat or SuSE. From there you can see the basic structure of the FS and see how things operate. Once your ready to abandon the safety of the gui, start installing it without X and work strictly via cmd line.

(from O'reilly) Running Linux; Linux Network Administrators Guide; Linux Server Hacks

(Hacking Exposed) Hacking Exposed Linux

(RedHat press)
--ISBN #'s)
0764516957 Official Red Hat Linux Administrator's Guide
0764524631 Red Hat Linux Firewalls
0764536311 Red Hat Linux Survival Guide
076453632X Red Hat Linux Networking And System Administration
0764547542 Red Hat Linux Security and Optimization
0764549677 Official Red Hat Linux User's Guide

-----< br> ~dranch/LINUX/TrinityOS/cHTML/TrinityOS-c.html

***Essential bookmark***

I would also pick up a pocket guide to VI.

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As Lordinfidel says but with a suggestion

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What distro

If you are really new to Linux/Unix then a copy of Lycrois/Desktop LX might be an easy introduction as it has the look and feel of XP while being a nix distro.

Granted it is only a lightweight and mainly suiatable for Desktop applications but it has the RedHat RPM's and is very easy to work with. Over all it isn't all that intimaditing for a first time nix user to play with break and fix and it has the added advantage of being able to accept all the applications that are available for all the NIX distros out there while still being a very easy distro to play with.

To download a copy you will find it here

From my experience most people who start off with the bigger versions of Linux get in way too deep way too fast and very quickly lose any interest that they originally had as it is different to Windows not better not worse just different and requires a different skill set to go with it. This is exactly what you learnt when you first started with Windows so it will be a slow process and I've found that everyone that I've started with Lycrois has gone on with Linux and not got the idea that it is just too hard to play with.

Otherwise all of the above mentioned books are great and you will find them all very useful.


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