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Linux 9 Installation on SATA Hdd.

By san_tch ·
Dear Tech Friend
My pc configuration is as follows.....

Processor : Intel Pentium 4 (2.66 Mhz)
Mother Board : Intel G915GAG
Ram: 512mb DDR
HD 80 GB SATA - Samsung(DH-080HJ)
O/S: Win2k Professional on drive C(40GB)
: Win2k Adv. Server on drive D (40GB)

I have tried to load Linux 9 on unpartitioned drive. But installation aborted showing a Warning - "No Hard drive have been found. You probably need to manually choose device driver for the installation to succeed".

It may needs SATA HDD driver.
Plz send some solution.

With Regards

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by Nico Baggus In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

Redhat 9 is now over two years old, then there
were no sata drives, therefore it has no support
for them.

Please look into Whitebox Linux or Centos Linux
(they are RHEL 3 derivatives (basiaclly ARE
redhat with different logo's and without the
mandatory support contract.)

Those are a bit more modern OS's.


Kind regards,
Nico Baggus

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by jdgretz In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

Unless you are good at compiling your own drivers, you are probably out of luck. I recently went through the same issue but with the latest versions of Fedora (Core 3 at the time) as well as Mandrake (came with a machine that supported SATA drives but the supplied Mandrake did not) - even though SATA was supposed to be supported, only a couple of controllers were supported, not the one on my mother board.

This is one of the things holding back Linux from greater acceptance.


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by nimixcomputers In reply to

hi i want to install red hat linux enterprise edition on my p-4 2.4 machine, but it shows no hdd drive found every time,
but on same machine my xp2 is working very good.
please help me solve this problem

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by aydin In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

go to the manufacturer website and download the SATA linux drivers for your harddrive.
during the linux installation, you will be asked whether you want to install additional drivers.
You can then install the drivers you have downloaded and continue with the installation using the SATA HD.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

You need to get the vendor drivers for Linux from their website. You also need to get a more modern distro. Red Hat 9 is depricated and no longer supported. You can choose the Fedora tree or go with a different distro (Gentoo is harder to install, but more SATA friendly)

Fedora Core 4 -
Gentoo -

Check out to see if your SATA is supported:

Make it work:

Good luck...

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by wp_shashika In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

i have same problem

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Linux 9 Installation on SATA Hdd.

by wellrenju In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

Hi Santanu
When you boot linux from cd, type the following correctly. " linux : pci=nommconf acpi=off all-generic-ide ". I think it works on
most redhat based linux such as fedora also.

Please inform me if it works. My email is
Be sure to type correctly

Good luck
By Renju

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by legionfh In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

I try with the comands
"linux : pci=nommconf acpi=off all-generic-ide"
at the cd booting but it throws a fatal exception.

im try to install centos 4.4 in a microstar ms-7255 motherboar based machine.

i have`nt any information about the sata disk, and i cant open the computer to find out because of the garanty seal.

i will aprciate any help

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by spicy_lely In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

Jani Santanu!!
first of all...linux did'nt support SATA HDD ....
second..... please rreduce the partation size of C dive and D Drive also...... coz it takes time to boot ur ur windowss..... i mean to say k ap k systme ki speed slow ho jati hay.... itni bari partation say..
got it.....
what yu have to do isss bye a seprate... BARAA CODA HDD.... for linux installation got it...
or further more if you have any prroblm related with installation and hardwae.. jst mail me yourr problm... i called you maa FRND....from Pakisatn....

is maa address...
take care

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by uttams.rana In reply to Linux 9 Installation on S ...

Hello Santanu,

As HDD you specified is SATA so linux doesn't support the SATA HDD unless it finds it drivers. First search for Linux supprortive Driver for SATA HDD, then start your installation.


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