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    Linux and Microsoft OS


    by sambhe ·

    Hi Guys ,
    I have p4 system and i have win 2000 and win XP dual booted on NTFS. Just recently I have bought linux 2.2 and I want to load it on my PC can I triple boot my system with linux too and if so how can i do it? I am total new to linus so plsguide,

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      Linux and Microsoft OS

      by thechas ·

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      As with any multi-boot, you should add a 3rd drive / partition for Linux.

      Then, start with this TR article.

      Try this helpful workaround for a Linux/Win2K dual boot

      Jun 25, 2001
      Mike Walton

      Share bookmarks and plug-ins between Linux and Windows clients

      Feb 25, 2002
      Rodrigo Zamora

      Multiboot systems allow consultants to be versatile

      Feb 8, 2002
      Tony C. Caputo

      Once you have the drive setup, and Linux installed, you will likely need to manually add Linux to your boot options.
      For information on the boot.ini commands, check out the dual boot page at
      Or, search Microsoft’s site for the terms boot.ini and bootcfg

      For general Linux information, subscribe to the Linux Tech-Mail.

      Also, check out

      There is a daily e-mail that one of their editors writes available from
      I recommend selecting the plain text format.


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