Linux and windows base programs

By nanakontihene ·
Can windows base programs, like photoshop, be installed and run in linux?

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Generally speaking not directly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Linux and windows base pr ...

You need some program to interface between the two and allow the Windows Program to run on Linux. Sometimes it can be as simple as using Wine or you may need some of the more expensive Nix programs like Win 4 Lin to act as the emulator.


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by Jaqui In reply to Linux and windows base pr ...

with crossover office from codeweavers, yes.
with codeweavers wine [ free [ limited ] version of crossover office ] not reliably.

with 3d applications, forget it, they are to complex to run under wine or crossover office.

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You would be better off finding equivalent software.

by stress junkie In reply to Linux and windows base pr ...

As Jaqui mentioned, there are two related Linux applications that attempt to permit Windows software to run on Linux. My experience using these products is that they do a very poor job. If you are thinking about trying to run some Windows software on Linux you should look in the support database of Crossover Office and of WINE to see what level they report to support that particular Windows application. Any support level lower than gold isn't even worth considering. Surprisingly I found that these products did a very poor job running Microsoft Office 2003.

There are plenty of high quality equivalent software packages for Linux. If you want to edit scanned photographs you can try the GIMP on Linux. If you want office document software then you should try Open Office dot org software suite. (The "dot org" is officially part of its name.) If you want to write songs you should try Rosegarden or Note Edit. If you want to rip CDs or DVDs or burn CDs or DVDs then use K3b.

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they do

by Jaqui In reply to You would be better off f ...

actually run photoshop, version 9 and 10, fairly reasonably.
the GIMP is a better bet than photoshop for graphics manipulation on linux box though.

wine isn't that hard to get to run 2d graphics apps, or Corel wouldn't have used it to run CorelDraw! Suite on linux before they killed all their linux support.

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