Linux Auto Time Synch

By BorgInva ·
I am not having much success and maybe some Linux fanatics could give me a little helping hand.

I am trying to find/make a simple little script to use on networked Linux PCs to the Internet that will synch the date/time to the time zone the PC is located in.

I am using Red Hat Linux 5.2, 7.3 and Linux Fedora 6 and 7.

Something simple to run in the background from crontab.

Thank you for any help.


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by deity_chooch In reply to Linux Auto Time Synch

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for here, but <acronym title="Network Time Protocol">NTP</acronym> (ntpd) will synchronize your computer's clock to a server of your choosing (there are some default time servers out there for your use as well).<br/><br/>

If you are looking for a way to get the computer to change its time zone based on its geographic location, I think you're up a creek. I don't know of any applications that can do that at the moment, although if you had a <acronym title="Global Positioning System">GPS</acronym> device hooked up to it and could get some information from the <acronym title="Global Positioning System">GPS</acronym> (via <acronym title="Simple Network Management Protocol">SNMP</acronym>?), you might be able to make a script that changes the timezone file based on output from the <acronym title="Global Positioning System">GPS</acronym>.

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Maybe not...

by BorgInva In reply to ntpd

Maybe not time zone, but this NTP is a good start for me to look into getting them to synch times.

Thank you!

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ntpd should be your huckleberry then if it's just time sync

by Neon Samurai In reply to Maybe not...

All my various machines pull there time from during boot, even my win32 boots. It shouldn't be hard to throw the ntp sync command into a cron script.

I had been considering having my machines pull there times from the router since it also updates from (dd-wrt is good stuff) which sounds more like what your after. I'll try to remember to check back to this thread when I finally get the time (no pun intended) to set it up though.

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