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    Linux based, open source, desktop for AI experimentation and training

    by wuzzie ·

    Seeking insights from Linux, AI, tech enthusiasts:
    Intent: build a dedicated Linux-based desktop tailored for AI experimentation.
    Goal: AI instances, once trained, will operate on single-board computers to create network mirroring an organism, each board executing specific manageable tasks, contributing to the collective function of the whole.
    • Before traumatic brain injury (TBI), held associate degrees in electronics and computers, Including C, C++, Visual C, Visual Basic, and controller languages, emphasis computer-machine integration. Junior year second semester towards Mechanical Engineering degree with goal being complex robotics, Held job working with UNIX and Windows systems. 5 years electronics and control systems experience.
    • Post-TBI, lost all advanced math skills and significant programming abilities and knowledge, occasional pseudo-seizures and migraines mostly linked to stress levels. Programming retention lasts about 10 – 20 minutes away from a task, necessitating frequent restarts as if following behind another programmer. Now am largely not working and do small infrequent varied gigs to acquire extra funds
    • Spare new 650 Watt power supply.
    • Used Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB GPU, (equivalent to two K40s with 12GB each?) Server variant without graphics outputs or fans; cooling solutions are manageable. Enough CAD skills to design and 3D print fan shroud or adapter.
    •Benchtop lab grade power supply
    •used WD Black 1TB M.2 drive
    • Desktop, OS is Linux Mint (Cinnamon 21) with 32 GB ram, Ryzen 5, 8 core, with NVidia 8 GB graphics card,
    • Windows 8 all-in-one 🙁
    • 6 KVA semi-smart, power backup
    • 2 small and 1 large 3D printers
    Budget: $500 – $600 possibility of a little more after first of the year.

    Taking two self paced online courses on Python, AI.
    Right now, looking for input on Linux, software and packages. Constructive advice, shared knowledge, or encouragement greatly appreciated.
    Kindly refrain from negativity; There’s enough negativity inside my head which I’m trying to get rid of, don’t need extra.

    Also, please understand, sometimes things take me a little longer now.
    My goal it to make an isolated, dedicated machine for the purpose, loaded with all the Linux packages and open source software required for the AI related tasks. Once I get an idea of what the software will require as far as functionality and hardware, I can migrat

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      Reply To: Linux based, open source, desktop for AI experimentation and training

      by shaheendata20 ·

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      Hello, I’m truly inspired by your resilience and determination to pursue your passion despite the challenges you’ve faced post-traumatic brain injury (TBI). Your project of building a Linux-based desktop tailored for AI experimentation is commendable. The vision of creating a network of single-board computers operating like an organism for collective AI tasks is intriguing. It’s impressive to see your background in electronics, programming, and mechanical engineering, and your resourceful approach to utilizing spare components. Your budget constraints are noted, but the plan to optimize existing resources shows creativity. Considering your self-paced Python and AI courses, seeking insights on Linux, software, and packages is a wise step. The community here can provide valuable guidance for your dedicated machine. Wishing you success in this endeavor and applauding your positive attitude amidst challenges. Keep pushing forward, and your persistence will undoubtedly yield remarkable results.

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