Linux Based Terminal In Windows?

By Tyharo ·
Is there a way to get a linux like terminal in windows? I use Linux and Snow Leopard and since snow leopard is unix based they both have about the same terminal commands, so when I switch to windows I dont know many command line codes. I found a shell script replacement called Cygwin ( Will this replace my shell so that Windows will use linux commands in the cmd instead of the regular cmd commands?

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No, it won't replace it.

by seanferd In reply to Linux Based Terminal In W ...

But what's the difference? If you can open the CMD CLI, you can just as easily open a Bash CLI in Cygwin.

It helps, though, to make sure you have all the command binaries you would normally use. It won't matter which CLI you call them from. e.g., DiG for Windows:
If you can find them, the Berkeley Utilities (for Windows). seems to have disappeared, as well as any other site which has hosted them.

But you can find loads of tools just by searching the name of the command "for Windows".

These all run natively on Windows. With cygwin, you run Unix-native stuff through emulation. Your call. Do one, the other, or both. If you think you'd keep the Cygwin environment running all the time, you may as well at least try it. You can even comple a desktop environmnet or whatever to run under Cygwin. But it can also be a pain in the arse. YMMV.

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