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    Linux Boot Problem


    by mehdiraza78 ·

    i have a P-IV desktop machine.
    It has windows 98 and windows 2000 Installed on it with windows 2000 it’s default boot.
    I installed Linux RedHat 7.1 on it and the installation was Partition less i.e i installed it on an existing FAT Partition of 10GB.
    First The LILO Choice did not appeared in my installation.
    2nd Since, win2k supports Dual boot,so i made few changes in the boot.ini( so that Linux will appear as one of choices in the boot.
    Now when i go for Linux in Boot choices, it give the error of NTLDR missing.
    kindly guide my in this regard


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      by dmiles ·

      In reply to Linux Boot Problem

      Cut and paste in the Address bar it will direct you to site that may be helpful

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      by uffe.sommerlund ·

      In reply to Linux Boot Problem

      hmm sound like the Win 2000 is fucked up

      install the Windows 2000 + Win again save the data, then create some extra partitions
      under installation of linux use (existing partitions) find one of the emty partitions)
      10GB disk split like this:

      Var = 500 – 1000MB
      boot = 100 – 300 MB
      tmp = 1000 – 2000 MB
      usr = 1000 – 2000 MB
      / = 500 MB
      home rest

      hope it helps

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      by m.mayberry ·

      In reply to Linux Boot Problem

      Go with answer #1. That site appears to have some good information, especially on this page:
      You should accept that answer.

      Answer #2 is WAY off base. Windows 2000 is not broken. The Win2k boot process is expecting to find NTDLR because that’s what your boot.ini is telling it. Your boot.ini needs something like C:\bootsect.lnx=”redhat 7″. The link above explains it pretty well. Anyone who suggests that you re-partition your hard drive and subsequently re-install 3 operating systems is a moron.

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