Linux Bootloader is dead

By cjeddie2003 ·
Exactly as I said, its gone? in its place is a grub or gnu beta4 minimal bash editor or something?

I was in ubuntu 9.10, updated, rebooted and grub is gone.

Now it may be my fault, in the updates I noticed some grub and GNU updates, as my laptop rebooted it comes to a dual-boot screen provided by windows because Windows 7 is my main OS whic leads to the grub bootloader next and has been no problem, this time however it booted into windows first. After rebooting again I tried getting back into ubuntu but the bootloader is gone and only this minimal bash thing shows.

The problem is now that I'm not sure how I could replace the grub loader while keeping it under the Windows loader, otherwise I will just kill my Windows 7 OS as well and really be up the creek >.>

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Install AutoSuperGrub from Windows

by cmatthews In reply to Linux Bootloader is dead ...

It was only a matter of time before someone would have come out with this.

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Fixed it! ^_^

by cjeddie2003 In reply to Linux Bootloader is dead ...

I forgot to mention something .. which I will now, I used a wubi install,

which meant that all my important data was stored in a virtual disk 'root.disk' in my Windows 7 C drive.

This meant the fix was simple, move the root.disk, re-install wubi in the same way as before, then replace the new root.disk files with my old ones and grub was fixed :)

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