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Linux box to monitor Windows Servers?

By TomSal ·
First thing first is it possible to create a Linux box that monitors a Windows network?

Second if so, what software do I need?

Third, how much does the software cost and where can I get it?


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by Prolifiq In reply to Linux box to monitor Wind ...

Let me make sure I understand your primary question.

What exactly do you mean when you say you want a Linux box that "monitors" a Windows network? Do you want SNMP trapping, Samba management, packet sniffing, etc.? Or are you just asking if Linux can remotely administer Windows machines through a GUI?

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by Nico Baggus In reply to Linux box to monitor Wind ...

Yes it is possible.
You mostprobably want to use snmp.
You need to install the SNMP agent software on
NT and then you may need some reinstall of
software to have them install the the extra
dll's for the snmp agent.

SNMP is available in a few flavors for

Using the SNMPGET /SNMPWALK commands you can
access various variables in a WinNT system
(including proces stable etc. etc.)

You can find MIBS here:

The to make it usefull, you could checkout
nagios f.e. to access the wealth of SNMP
information and transform it to events, SMS
messages, etc etc.

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by Nico Baggus In reply to

I forgot to tell that it is allmost free, you'll
have to invest some time.

You will need to check the windows installation
to add SNMP if it is not there. (some
raidcontrollers also add dll's for SNMP).
Also SNMP itself needs to be configured.

You will have to install a monitoring tool like
nagios, those tools take some time to get
acqanted to and to configure.

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by K12Linux In reply to Linux box to monitor Wind ...

It depends on what you mean by "monitor" but the short answer is yes, it is possible.

For monitoring uptime and service availability, you might want to look at Nagios or even better Zabbix ( ) Zabbix will ping hosts, test some network services and can graph a history. If you have SNMP enabled on the Windows boxes it can also graph disk use, processor use, etc. I don't know if it can email or page you the way nagios can, but I would assume it does. From what I've seen it looks a lot easier to set up (web based vs. several text config files.)

MRTG ( ) can pull and graph router and switch utilization info as well as just about any other value you can retrieve via SNMP.

All of those tools are free. If you are willing a spend a few bucks, you can also purchase a program that forwards event logs to a Linux syslog system (dumps events remotely to a file on the Linux box.) EventReporter is available at

Expect to spend some time getting everything up and running the way you want. If you have more money than time you may want to look for commercial software. I personally have more time than money and also don't like spending my time dealing with licensing, renewals, etc. so I stick mostly with the free stuff.

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by peeyush_maurya In reply to Linux box to monitor Wind ...

i'll also raise my hand for MRTG. Its very useful and i use it to monitor my Cisco Router and a windows server.
read this
MRTG can be used not only for bandwidth metering. We can configure MRTG to monitor server/router CPU, memory, uptime, TCP connections and a lot of other parameters. On MS Windows MRTG can be configured to keep track on any of system counters (disk usage, memory usage. Please fill in online form if you are interested in additional information.

this is example

Peeyush Maurya

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by jackup_in In reply to Linux box to monitor Wind ...


You can implement Netsaint on Linux box to Monitor any server/NW device.

For more info logon to

This is a free download for Linux


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