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    Linux certification


    by nean_72 ·

    I just recently got a job where I support UNIX servers and the Oracle DBs that are attached to them. This is my first job out of college. The job is a year long contract job. Just before I got the job I had enrolled in courses for the MCSD. I have completed the first course and will start to study transcenders to pass the Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solutions test. When I got out of college I was dead set on a development position. However after getting the job as an admin I find that I really enjoy the work. I am debating on switching gears and going after a Linux cert. My question is two fold:
    1) What is the job market like for someone with a degree, a year’s worth of experience, and a Linux cert?
    2) Out of the Linux certs that are out there which ones are the most worth while?

    Thanx in advance,

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      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Linux certification

      If you choose the Linux cert route I’d pick up the LCPI

      I’d choose it for two reasons:
      1) It is a generic Linux cert. So even if Red Hat died tomorrow, you’d still be ok
      2) It is more comprehensive than the Linux+

      The RHCE is decent, but is very Red Hat centric, so you have to make sure that is what you want your focus to be.

      Good luck!

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        I agree

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to Certs

        the non distro centric cert is better than going after red hat or suse ( novell ) certification.

        Mandriva has laso gotten into the cert field.

        but going after a distro centric cert really only teaches you to use that distro’s tools, it doesn’t teach you the underlying tools they are built on like the lcpi does.

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          Go for two certs

          by serago ·

          In reply to I agree

          I agree the others posts but,………. (there’s always a but) LPI is not finished yet so a lot of stuff is not on this cert.
          In my experience, go first for the LPI as it gives a good point of view and later go for second one.
          For this second one, I have to point to Novell Certified Linux Professional and Engineer. It’s a good one and Novell Linux is growing.

          About if it’s better a cert or years of experience, it depend on how much money they want to pay you. Years of experience means money and a cert means going into a business as a junior admin.

          Good luck.

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      Linux+ and Novell

      by linuxplus ·

      In reply to Linux certification

      The updated Linux+ exam is quite challenging and a good measure of 6-12 months systems experience. More importantly, if you’re thinking of Novell eventually, and you complete the Novell 3060 “Getting Started with Linux” course for Linux+, you’ll be 1/3 of the way along toward their CLP. Just a thought.

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