LInux Choices

By bliv_me_n0w_vlib_em_n0t ·
why is there so many Linux version how will i know which is the right for me... i search and found out this types of linux i wonder which is which will fit fit
Kernel for Linux, RedHat Linux, Caldera Linux, Mandrake Linux, Turbo Linux, Suse Linux lotsa them
What are the system requirements can i install all of these

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I know...

by scott_heath In reply to LInux Choices

And it's supposed to be easier than Windows.

Most Linux distros will run on almost anything, just like Windows. The more you expect to do with it the more HW you need, just like Windows.

I would go with Red hat, Unbuntu, or Suse.

What's even more fun is figuring out what desktop you will use or what Windows Manager you want. To start just use the default.

Good luck!

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For a newcomer

by The Scummy One In reply to LInux Choices

My suggestion is as follows

PCLinuxOS 2007 -- fast, easy small

Kubuntu -- more support/apps. easy enough

SUSE -- large hog of a distro, but almost everything you need is there. SUSE is one of the 'fat' distros but is stable and has plenty of add ons. It is also pretty easy to use (except wifi). A good one to know.

Personally, I like PCLinuxOS 2007 the best, and it comes pre-loaded with most things that you would want, and the wifi works (at least mine did).

Now, if you want a Unix style system, PC BSD is the choice for a newcomer. It uses the KDE interface and things are easy to install. It was designed for newcomers into the Unix arena.

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Most distros these days...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to LInux Choices

come with the option to run as a live CD. You can set your BIOS to boot from CD and check out the distro before you install. By doing this you can determine whether or not all your hardware is recognized by the distro you are interested in, as well as explore the menu options.

I am working my way through several, notably Fedora, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint at the moment. Each runs as a live CD and to date each has found, identified, and installed all my hardware - with the exception of Fedora which found and identified my WinModem, but could not install and use it.

I like Ubuntu 7.10 well enough to have installed it permanently - or until something I like better comes along. I am currently using Mint on my laptop, with plans to explore PCLinuxOS and Mandriva next.

If you 'test run' a variety of distros via live CD you will most likely find one that suits you.

For links to a variety of distros and their attendant communities try

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RE why is there so many Linux version

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to LInux Choices

Because so many different companies make their own.

As for knowing which is best for you this depends largely on what you want to do and your level of experience. I would suggest joining some of the Linux On Line Communities which will help you work your way through the differences between the Various Different Linux Distro's and the average Windows Users expectation of what should happen.

You can find most of the Linux Users Groups here so look for one in your area for Real Time Help

While at first the number of available Distro's looks large they are all aimed at different sections of the market unlike Windows where M$ has a One Size Fits All approach. So you need to decide on what it is you want to do first and then look at the available options in the different Distro's to find one to suit your needs.

However having said that for a new comer to Linux I would recommend PC Linux as possibly the best and then start working your way up the food chain to Debian which is the Distro that everything else is measured by for stability and supported hardware.


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