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By stephen.roberts ·
Hi Everyone
Does Linux have a GUI desk top like windows i'm new at linux and i dont particularly like going back to dos type setup no offence :)

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by vicrh In reply to linux desktop

Hello Steve,

Sure you have graphical desktops in Linux. The list is quite big, but perhaps the most used nowadays are Kde (check and Gnome (check


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by jmgarvin In reply to linux desktop

Most modern distros come with some X window manager like Gnome or KDE.

I suggest you try out Fedora Core 4 or Ubuntu for a feel of what the Linux desktop is like.

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by Fritz_Monroe In reply to linux desktop

Sure. It depends on your distro as to which GUI you use by default. Most tend to have KDE and GNOME available to you. KDE seems most Windows-like. But you aren't stuck with these 2, there are dozens of windows managers out there. For instance, my test box is an old 450 MHz machine. I have Slackware running and the default is KDE. I use a window manager named XFCE. I use this because it works faster on a slow machine.

That's the beauty of Linux, you can configure it as you like.

Funny you should mention that you don't want to go back to a command prompt. That's one of the reasons I started learning linux, to get back to the command prompt.


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