Linux Desktop?

By Sagax- ·
I am old enough to remember the old Lotus 123 menu system. You could call the menu and then navigate through it on the number pad. Does anyone know of a Linux Desktop that enables navigation in this way????

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Never seen one

by robo_dev In reply to Linux Desktop?

most use your basic Windows-Apple-XWindows GUI.

Maybe there are some keyboard-remapping, keyboard macro, or disability utilities that could give you some of that functionality.

I know there is a ubuntu variant called edubuntu which is made for kids/classroom use.

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yes you have robo_dev

by Jaqui In reply to Never seen one

every distro has the capability of mouseless operation, it just needs to be enabled.

well, ok, maybe not those with KDE 4, since KDE 4 is useless anyway.

and numlock cannot be activated for the number pad to work as arrow keys.

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That style of menu is from the old command line

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Linux Desktop?

code used in DOS files and similar coding. I used tow rite such things in DOS and later in other programming languages like C++ - most desktops now use some sort of GUI originally developed by PARC and later improved by Apple before being stolen by MS. If you try some of the Linux specific forums, they may be able to help you as I seem to recall talk of a GUI overlay like that for some people with certain difficulties.

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