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    Linux Distro Support for Oracle


    by frenchwood ·

    After recently looking into the (potential) installation of Oracle on a machine at home, i have found that Oracle only support Red Hat, Suse and Ansianux.

    Ok so being as head stong as i am, i’m going for it anyway.

    Has anyone had any experiences with Oracle on a ‘none supported’ Distro?

    If so, feel free to share your experiences!

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      I installed

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Linux Distro Support for Oracle

      tested and used oracle on mandrake 10.0 box.
      no problems.

      the best thing to do, look at the version numbers for glibc.
      you have to have that version of newer.
      ( oracle did it right and allowed newer versions of it not all commercial tools do.)

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        Slight Failure

        by frenchwood ·

        In reply to I installed

        Well, after all the prep work in Debian, the runInstaller script checked the distro and filed the install, quite annoying really, so i guess to install i’ll need to change distro, or amend the runInstaller file to ignore the distro check (something i am, by no means, capable of doing).

        why oracle chose to do this, i don’t know. It was the 10g installation, so if i can find one, i might try a 9i install instead.

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          I install Oracle 10g rel2 on Fedora Core 4

          by petre.iltchev ·

          In reply to Slight Failure

          I install Oracle 10g rel2 on Fedora Core 4
          I based my installation of site

          I describe installation in Polish
          I read Whitebox Linux is fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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      “Supported” Linux distros

      by neiseman ·

      In reply to Linux Distro Support for Oracle

      Oracle will run on most if not all Linux distros, IF you can get it installed. “Supported” means that Oracle has tested the distro and will help (support) you if you have problems. Try it on anything else and the company will not even try to help you with any problems, installation or operational. Forums like this one will be some help of course.

      Read the Oracle docs very carefully to be sure that you have acceptable versions of all required libraries installed and in the right places, environment and kernel parameters set, etc., then see what tasks runInstaller performs and write an install script in the scripting language of your choice.

      You could also try fooling runInstaller by fooling around with /proc/version I’ve never tried it but it should work.

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      by kenfong ·

      In reply to Linux Distro Support for Oracle

      I have running on CentOS 3.5 & FC3.

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