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Linux firewall setup

By aquabg ·
Hi, guys,
i need to set a linux firewall to enable ssh listening/filtering over some specific port.

For now, i've never used linux, and thus don't know even how to view the linux' version.

thank You in advance for your appreciation,

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by cmgf In reply to Linux firewall setup


I'm just like you: zero knowledge on linux. But I'm running a Linux firewall for 2 months now, and although I'm not confortable with the situation, things have been working fine, which gives me time and peace to try and learn more about Linux.

Give IPCop a try.
It's a complete package of a Linux Firewall, ready to install. It takes control of the disk drive and turns any computer (even an old one) into a nice working firewall, with lots of features (SSH access included).



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by stemarsh In reply to Linux firewall setup

use iptables
for the configuration google iptables ssh

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by Mil-spec-guy In reply to Linux firewall setup

Hi Nick:

I recommend you look into Shorewall. It is a very easily installed and configured firewall, interfaces to iptables, and gives you COMPLETE control over what comes in and out of your firewall box, allows setting up ZONES, and a host of other features. It is a common package in the Linux distro I use, and should be available for most distros. If not included as a package for your distro, you can download it at or from Sourceforge as well. If your distro includes it as a package, installing it and configuration should be a snap, as dependancies and such should be sorted out by the install. Check it out. I have been using it for a long time, and it regularly gets updated and new features added.

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by Chaz_C In reply to Linux firewall setup

From your question I'm not clear if you're trying to firewall the box running an application that you want to ssh into or really trying to do a firewall from scratch. If you just want a local firewall on the Linux box, Firestarter will do a good job of configuring a rule set using iptables. See

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by danlinda In reply to Linux firewall setup

Smoothwall is an excellent firewall distro as well. Small, quick, and runs on old equipment. It has a LARGE user support network as well as many customized options that can be installed (call the Homebrew forum).

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Linux firewall setup

would it be simple enuf for you if you just booted a floppy complete with os and firewall?
did you check out

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by thanetadmin In reply to Linux firewall setup

Hi ,
I m on linux since 4 years , I have my own firewall script whiich sits on /etc/init.d/ in executable mode. If you are really interested I can design a script for you . Please advise .


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