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By jligatich ·
I was wondering if anyone has heard of Linux-Gruvan? I am seriously considering trying out this company. It looks like a startup, but that is one of the things that interests me about it.

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by wls In reply to Linux-Gruvan

In short, I haven't; however here's a check-list that should answer your question about should you work at a startup:

1) What problem are they trying to solve?
2) Who are their customers?
3) Would I personally, realistically be willing to buy their product or service?
4) What is the customer's return on investment for purchasing their product/service?
5) Are they operating in the red or black?
6) Have they ever missed a payroll?
7) What is their burn rate?
If they made no sales andhad no source of income, how long can they stay in business?
9) Is it long enough to "solve the problem"?
10) Is the pay competitive?
11) When will my review be?
12) Is the work interesting?
13) How many hours will I have to work a week?
14) Will this affect my home life?
15) Is there travel involved?
16) Are they casual dress?
17) Do I get health insurance?
1 Is there a 401K plan with matching?
19) Do I get ownership in the company?
20) Do I at least get stock options?
21) Have they ever had a lay off?
22) What's the attrition rate?
23) Why did the last person leave?
24) How long have they been in business?

Typically only the founders and a small group of early people and close friends get rich off a startup. So berealistic in your goals, more often than not, stock options are worthless for workers. In many cases you can work your butt off and only see $10K-$20K, which usually could be obtained by a signing bonus and changing jobs, or doing consulting on theside.

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