Linux Hdd Transfer

By edid112 ·
Here's the deal, I have an old box with an edition of Redhat running on it. I have recently acquired a new box and would like to simply move the hdd from the old unit to the new one as it was a major pain setting up the original system. When I do so I receive an error stating "Kernel panic: No init found" Is there a way to make this work or do I need to format the drive that came with the new box and copy all the files from the old to the new? If I do so will all of the programs, ie samba, work on the copied drive? Also, if I need to make duplicates for othe new boxes will I have to do this for each one?

I thank anyone for their help as I've probably asked alot.

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Probably kernel

by deity_chooch In reply to Linux Hdd Transfer

I'm guessing that the issue is with the kernel and the new surrounding hardware that it's not prepared to deal with. Did the original system only have the one hard drive? Or perhaps it's looking for something on a second drive?

I think the best suggestion to keep all of your existing data is to boot with another Linux distribution, compile a new kernel using the new system, copy the kernel to the same directory as the old one, and redirect your boot loader to the new kernel. This _should_ fix it and may be the best option. I've read that you can also try different boot flags with your boot loader, but I haven't any good experience with that.

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