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By kscattergood ·
I have been a Linux user for about 9 years now and a developer (Python, C++, VB, & C #) for about 13 years. I just wanted to say that Ubuntu has been my choice for Desktop replacement since Feisty Fawn. Now am I alone in thinking that most of the Linux IDE?s suck compared to most windows IDE?s. As a matter of fact the only reason I have not completely moved from windows, is solely due to Microsoft VS. I would really love to see a great IDE within Linux that supports multiple languages.I?m frustrated at the fact that Mono, Anjuta, Emacs, & ETC. just don?t cut it.
What do you guys think?

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by Jaqui In reply to Linux IDE's

won't find a linux ide that duplicates m$ vs.
one for delphi/pascal is available, and it does duplicate the older delphi/c++ builder / kylix ides: Lazerus

for other languages in one ide, the best one, has been Kdevelop.
though the latest version has ripped out support for anything but kde and C++
older versions, [ pre kde4 ] support c, c++, Objc, perl, java, javascript, php, python, ruby, fortran and pascal

it is meant to work with the QT widget set, but you can use gtk as well, just have to add the gtk ui via glade and edit project file to use that.

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