Linux in Windows without a virtual partition..

By cjeddie2003 ·
Is it possible to use virtualisation programs to access my linux partition thats installed on my hard drive? It would be so useful to be able to access it without having to reboot, but also have all the info in one place for when I need the graphics heavy stuff which I can then boot into the partition for.

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Why not just run Windows inside Linux ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Linux in Windows without ...
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Check out VMware

by dldorrance In reply to Linux in Windows without ...

You can run multipe OS's simultaneously with VMware, and you can test out the product without risk, as many VMware products are free downloads without any time limits on their use. They allow you to share data on-the-fly between OS's You might want to check out VMware Workstation here http://downloads.vmware.com/d/info/desktop_downloads/vmware_workstation/7_0 . It comes in 2 flavors depending upon which OS (Windows or Linux) your computer uses.

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that requires a virtual partition

by cjeddie2003 In reply to Check out VMware

Is it not possible to access pre-configured boot-able partition on my machine while in windows?

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But Linux has THREE partitions ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to that requires a virtual p ...

You're only suggesting accessing one of them.

The entire range of virtual Linux assemblies would be available WITHIN the virtual world.

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Some options

by Choppit In reply to Linux in Windows without ...

As suggested by others this sounds like a prime use case for VMWare or Virtualbox. If a fully virtualised solution is not what you're looking for (i.e you just want to mount "real" Linux partitions from within windows there are some ext3 drivers for Windows (never used them myself) or if I remember correctly you can mount a "real" partition on a VMWare guest (it's been a few years since I last used VMWare.

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Easy to try...

by dldorrance In reply to Linux in Windows without ...

Why not simply download VMware Workstation for Windows and try? During the setup for a virtual OS you are given a choice to accept virtual HDD storage in a dynamically changing file or to attach to a hardware HDD. See if you can point the VMware virtual machine to your Linux partition. It's a free download so you have nothing to lose http://downloads.vmware.com/d/info/desktop_downloads/vmware_workstation/6_5

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Aside from these suggestions

by seanferd In reply to Linux in Windows without ...

the answer is no. You can't boot one OS inside another without virtualization.

You could use something like http://wubi-installer.org/

But in short, you can't boot a traditionally installed OS into another in a dual-boot configuration.

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Ok, about Wubi...

by cjeddie2003 In reply to Aside from these suggesti ...

Can the Wubi virtual disk 'root.disk' be run from some type of client within windows?

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You could, but qwhy would you?

by TechrepLath In reply to Linux in Windows without ...

You can start up a linux in your VMware (live CD) and let it mount your linux partition as an additional drive... You COULD also just configure physical access to the linux partition and run it off of VMware, but I would advise against it as it will reconfigure its drivers or crash (depending on the distribution). But why would you even try to do anything like this? If you want to access your linux partition from windows ust install and ext2 driver for windows... (if that happend to be the file-system you're using.)

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