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Linux infringes on 283 patents?

By RexWorld ·
A group that plans to start selling insurance against intellectual-property lawsuits related to Linux has conducted an anlysis that shows Linux may infringe on as many as 283 patents:**403.html

Of course none of the patents themselves have been validated in court--it's possible some of the patents are themselves invalid, which would make the patent violation moot.

Of course it's an insurance company funding the research so you'd expect them to look at the worst-case scenario. Still, it seems kinda scary for those of us who rely on Linux.

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Article on TR

by RexWorld In reply to Linux infringes on 283 pa ...

Sorry, I posted this before they cross-listed the article on TechRepublic. Here's the TR link to this story:

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And this worries you??? The more the merrier!!!

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Linux infringes on 283 pa ...

SCO has already lost its first case and that is only the beginning. You've got AT&T SUSE and God knows how many others ready to claim a piece of the pie. It's like the kid with his finger in the dike. Once one is settled another will crop up. By the time this gets through all the shenanigans the patents will have lapsed and it will be public domain. Remember Apple and MS and the look and feel case??? What happened there??? Why didn't Xerox the originators of the GUI get invoved they had a greater claim than Apple??? Just remember pissing into the wind only gets you all wet as SCO is starting to find out.

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