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    Linux Install on Ion A603 MiniPC


    by zano6 ·


    I just can’t seem to get linux installed on my Ion A603 MiniPC.
    I’ve tried Ubuntu10 Desktop;Xubuntu10 and OpenSUSE11 with no luck.
    My MiniPC specs:
    (2.5″ 80GB PATA Western Digital Drive, 1GB Memory,AMD Geode LX;Award BIOS,etc)

    I get my Linux iso onto a USB Stick using USB Installer 1.5.6.
    The MiniPC is then booted up from this USB Stick(there is no CD/DVD, MiniPC only has x4 USB Ports and I do not have an external CD/DVD drive)

    Install screen comes up and when I select “Install Xubuntu onto Harddrive” the last message is see is “Running /scripts/casper-premount”
    And there it hangs.
    I suspect the kernel has issues with the PATA drive.
    I’ve even tried booting off Rescuecd iso with no luck.

    Please assist

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      by zano6 ·

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      Network Install

      by oldbaritone ·

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      Have you tried a network-based install?

      Can you set the drive in BIOS for IDE emulation or SATA emulation? I’ve had several SATA drive controllers that ran fine after the install was complete, but I had to put them in IDE emulation mode to get the install completed.

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