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    Linux Installation


    by doug-clark ·

    I have a good one. I have a TI Extensa 570 CDT with a 1.2 Gb Hdd, 16 mb ram, a removable floppy drive and removable cdrom. (only one can be in at a time)
    The problem is, I cannot run the linux boot floppy without the CD. is there a way getting theboot image onto a boot partition and have it boot from it.

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      Linux Installation

      by steve cody ·

      In reply to Linux Installation

      If you are installing Redhat, then you can attempt to boot off the CDROM.
      Check your BIOS settings and see if will allow the CDROM to be listed in the boot priorities.
      Hope this helps.

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      Linux Installation

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Linux Installation

      You’re right – that’s a good one! Now if the FD and CD were just hot-swappable….

      If your TI will support booting from the CD, that is definitely the way to go but I’m guessing it won’t.

      If you can’t boot from the CD, I think your best option is going to be a utility called syslinux. It’s an MS-DOS program that will write a Linux boot track on a hard drive. I’ve found it on many of the Linux mirror sites and it’s a relatively small download.


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      Linux Installation

      by zbrain75 ·

      In reply to Linux Installation

      Whether you get the install done with the answer 1 or 2, you will still not be able to make an emergency boot floppy during the installation. You will need to install LILO on your master boot record in order to boot and skip the emergency boot floppy. When done you can easily create an emergy boot floppy when you reboot by following the procedure at Item 16 on the top half of the web page outlines the procedure. Make sure you locate the correct location of your root partition and write its location to the floppy.

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      Linux Installation

      by jewright ·

      In reply to Linux Installation

      The real Linux way to do this would be go to CompUSA buy a PCMCIA Cd-Rom and then return it when your done. Saying that it was not compatible with your Mac.

      It’s a low down crappy way to do things but so is the rest of the world…..Jeremy

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      Linux Installation

      by hugevlad ·

      In reply to Linux Installation

      You can boot linux without floppy.
      Usualy, boot-floppy contents kernel file and root-image file. You can put these files onto small ms-dos partition and start linux using loadlin program.
      1. Make small ms-dos partiton (10 Mb is more then enough).2. Make it bootable.
      3. Place onto it kernel, root-image and loadlin.exe (i think, you can find it on your linux CD-ROM).
      4. Start linux:
      loadlin root=
      For example, if my kernel file named “kernel.215”, root-image file named “root.img”, then command will be:
      loadlin kernel.215 root=root.img

      With best regards,

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      Linux Installation

      by donclick ·

      In reply to Linux Installation

      Can you not boot to the cd? Most laptops have that option on by default.

      If not, then you have a few more options.
      FTP install – for one. Build the net boot disk (most distros use em.) – setup a nt or winblows, or even linux ftp server with the CDRom mounted, and ftp it from there, or from (for redhat)

      I have successfully installed both redhat and caldera using both methods.

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