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    Linux is DEAD – for sure !!!


    by wire ·

    I try over 15 diff. linux distro and I can say that : all the same b….. The only OS that deserves OS name is BeOS (free now) boot in 15 sec (on old PC) and complete distro I made after a month of use install in 7 min.

    Any OS can compete? – don’t think so

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      troll AND spam

      by apotheon ·

      In reply to Linux is DEAD – for sure !!!

      I recommend nobody post any replies to this thread after this. The guy’s trolling to draw attention to his spam.

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      It’s Alive!!

      by jaggernaught ·

      In reply to Linux is DEAD – for sure !!!

      Your weird man..i mean..who uses BeOS?!?in the linux community, millions of users can join edit and even make their own OS for has atleast 30000 apps written for it..its used by servers, in movies, NASA, high-end super computers and in almost all architectures. Sure BeOS is faster, but in the end linux has more supported hardware, more users, more apps and more goodluck with your’ll need it…cheers! 😉

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