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Linux is Stable. Windows users are beta testers.

By as901 ·
Microsoft uses the whole world as beta testers. If enough people complain, they fix the problem. It it only effects a few folks, you are out of luck. The choice in simple. You can have a stable system with Linux, or you can pay to beta test the next version of Windows.

I myself use Linux. My wife knows nothing about Linux, and she has no trouble using it. She has never experience a crash. Can Windows users say the same? The choice is simple. Do you like your computer to freeze and crash? Do you still believe that "This next version of Windows will be better"?

Up to now, Microsoft has used a simple business model. They give you an unstable operating system. They claim ?the next one will be better?. You keep falling for it, and Bill Gates keeps getting richer.

I will not even start about Microsoft's antitrust violations because it would take volumes. Let it just be put this way. Non Microsoft companies are not allowed access to the Windows code, so they cannot write a stable program.

Microsoft has disabled many folks computers because they were given an old legal version from a friend, but Microsoft feels that your friend does not have the right to give away or sell a legally licensed program.

If you buy Microsoft programs, they are not yours (according to Microsoft). If you use Linux, they are yours. Consider your choices wisely.

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