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By The Scummy One ·
Sorry, I dont have too much time to research this, so I am gonna ask.
Recently I had a HDD crash on a PCLOS box. The drive was replaced (data drive not OS drive), formatted and working for a week. I shut down the system, with no issues after a week, on Monday morning when I booted it up a strange thing happened. All of the menu/toolbars for everything are no longer there.

So, I cannot move windows, or use menus or anything. Furthermore, they do not appear in the taskbar on the bottom. So I cannot r. click and select any options for them.
I have browsed around and set a few display options to defaults, and reset window settings to no avail. Any ideas to try?
Oh, btw -- I created a new user account (same problems as root as well) and the problem continues on a new user account.

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Well, I guess there are no theories

by The Scummy One In reply to Linux Issue

going on huh? Hmmm, I was thinking of a rebuild, however I kinda wanted to 'fix' it instead.
oh yeah -- Bump!!!

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Well you could

by jimmy-jam In reply to Well, I guess there are n ...

Format the drive and load windows :^0

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:^0 -- I wasnt expecting that

by The Scummy One In reply to Well you could


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that is an odd issue

by Jaqui In reply to Linux Issue

I have only seen that happen after a distro switching upgrade to a newer release.

the "fix" in the case I got this was to delete the .kde folder from the users folder.
[ yes, the period before kde is part of the folder name ]

to get there to try this:
at boot prompt, before the system starts booting, type init 3
hit enter.
this will boot the system to command prompt with networking.

after logging into the command prompt:
mc [ENTER]
now [ if mc is installed ] you have an ncurses based filesystem browser that shows the hidden folders. [ .kde is hidden because of the period ]
you can delete that folder and this forces a reset to default in everything.

to test the fix:

if it isn't fixed:
which kills the gui
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

some of the packages that are held back you'll have to specify to get them upgraded.
once everything is upgraded, get back into the gui with startx
that should fix it if it wasn't a config change problem.

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I will try this tomorrow

by The Scummy One In reply to that is an odd issue

but I do wonder if it will do anything, as it affects a new user as well.

Thinking about it, I ran updates the week before the issue happened. But they didnt require a reboot, so I didnt think about it. I used the system for a few days before powering down.

Thanks for the info

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ahh, then I do know what it was caused by

by Jaqui In reply to I will try this tomorrow

partial updates.
It has crashed the xserver with PCLinuxOS on me.
the apt-get from the command line is the fix.

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lots of errors trying to run

by The Scummy One In reply to ahh, then I do know what ...

apt-get update gives a few errors, and it states that it is running on old files and to run the upgrade.
apt-get upgrade produces lots of errors that it cannot fetch, however it can reach the site and download the directory.

blowing away the .kde folder did not reset anything -- when it came up it was missing a few icons (like FF) and the same problems were there.

However, the system developed some new symptoms as well. If the computer itself is running for more than a few minutes, the screen goes black, and nothing works (not even opening a cd tray). This happens on a cd boot as well. All drives stop, and it just sits there.
I think I am going to work on this as a HW issue now, maybe replace the unit. I think the unit itself has become unstable enough to warrant fix/replace measures.

Thanks for the help -- good to know.

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