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Linux laptop to monitor a windows box

By mariahundred ·
Hi, i work at a library with at the moment one shared computer up and going. some new ones are ordered. I have a problem with people entering restricted web pages, installing stuff and nearly killing the pc. so i wondered if some of you could recommend a software for monitoring from my linux laptop. software monitoring things like web pages visited, apps launched, and stuff like that? i would prefer if the software was not to easy to be discovered since some of the teenagers using the computer have some knowledge.

Regards Maria

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simpler first step: limited user access to the pc

by Absolutely In reply to Linux laptop to monitor a ...

It sounds like everybody is running as Administrator. They shouldn't be, especially on a public computer.

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by mariahundred In reply to simpler first step: limi ...

yeah. but i was thinking more about beeing able to catch them in the act, and give them a warning or ban them from the computer.

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well you sort of can

by chris_atb In reply to okey.

assuming its an xp pro machine, make a user policy with all the security restrictions applied, then use event logging to see who triggered the policies error messages, assuming you log the kids using them by time (say alan has booked the pc from1pm to 1:30pm) you can just cross reference the dates and times of the errors with the times on your register ^^)

and i didnt mean literally ALL security policies applied, just the ones you want applied ^^, you can find the tool i mentioned in the control panel > admin tools > event viewer :) hope it helps

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Have a lot of free time on your hands?

by jdclyde In reply to okey.

It is easier to PREVENT than it is to enforce something that you are physically ALLOWING to happen.

First step, secure the system.

Second step, post a computer usage policy that explains what is and isn't acceptable behavior.

Third step, there are ways to have it reload the image from a server, so any changes a user DOES make is gone every time the system is rebooted.

Talk to admins in other locations and see what they are doing. I would BET that trying to catch someone getting in is a low priority compared to simple steps to keep people out.

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by Absolutely In reply to Have a lot of free time o ...

No kidding!

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i dunno about on a linux laptop. how about the free

by sgt_shultz In reply to Linux laptop to monitor a ...

Shared Computer toolkit free from
please post your os version and patch level for us, thanks

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