Linux - Lots of questions

By jimmy-jam ·
I have dabbled off and on with Linux for a long time now. I consider myself adequate but certain no expert. I just chopped my hard drive in half (not literally) and loaded Ubuntu on my laptop. My reasoning is simple to keep my skills sharp. Now the questions.

My past Linux exposure was with Red Hat. Are there any major differences I should be aware of with Ubuntu?

Second, using Windows you had to be concerned with spyware, adware, viruses, firewalls and on and on. How much of this is a concern with Linux? Any recommendations as far as which programs to try?

Anything else I didn't think about that I should know?

Thanks in advance for the crash course.


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Both were desktops, not servers, right?

by jdclyde In reply to Linux - Lots of questions

there might be a different selection for the GUI, but haven't looked at Ubuntu recently, so can't speak much on it.

What are the main things you are looking to use it for now, and are they the same things you used the RH for?

spy/malwares are not nearly the same issue as you don't have activeX running to infect you after viewing a web page.

Keep us posted how things work out. I am running my minilaptop with SuSE.

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by jimmy-jam In reply to Both were desktops, not s ...

Just to keep my skill set "sharp"

I am running it dual boot on my Dell laptop with Win XP pro.

Really the only reason I chose RH way back when was because it was the distro that came with the For Dummies book I bought. The main reason I chose Ubuntu over RH this time was RH takes 3 disks to load and Ubuntu only took 1 :)

My thought process there was Linux is Linux is Linux so it shouldn't matter too much which distro I chose... right?

Any way, so far I am thoroughly impressed at the speed of the OS when compared to Windoze. My apps are loading faster, the internet seems faster and I am comparing apples to apples for the web as I am using FF in Windows.

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Need to set some goals

by jdclyde In reply to Mainly

as to what you are looking to sharpen.

Right now, my laptop has OO on it, and FF, so it is of limited use.

I want to play with some email clients, as well as something for IM and even see if skype has a linux client yet. Oh yeah, need to load something that will play wma files.

That is as far as my plans have gotten.

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email and skype on linux

by Jaqui In reply to Need to set some goals

Mozilla's cross platform Thunderbird is one of the better options to start with on a linux system.

Skype for linux, yup.
video in skype for linux? so-so
depends a lot on the video camera used, webcams like logitech quickcam messenger are poorly supported for video at all, and don't talk to skype on linux with many distros.

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And IM software?

by jdclyde In reply to email and skype on linux

I don't use IM much, but my boys do.

Sick of having my windows systems loading four different clients because their friends haven't standardized.

Would love to get them on linux and a single client, as I heard the linux version will connect to all of them?

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by Jaqui In reply to And IM software?

several multi protocol client apps available.
I personally think the KDE based Kopete is the best one.
it supports ALL im systems except for skype.
[ skype uses a proprietary protocol they will NOT document for public access ]

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by demosthanese In reply to yup

I prefer Pidgeon for IMing. It also supports all the formats, and allows you to be connected to them all at once as well. It replaced the gaim project.

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by Jaqui In reply to yup

ahh, new name for gaim.
not an app I liked.

there are at least 5 options for IM apps that connect to all systems but skype.

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distro choice does matter --edited

by Jaqui In reply to Mainly

for some things.
Ubuntu is bad, if you want to use KDE or any KDE based apps.

Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE on top, and set as default gui. no different than installing kde on any ubuntu system.

The multi cd or dvd based distros have a better implementation of the desktops that don't give the problems Ubuntu does with multiple desktop options installed.

The apps are the same across distros, some GNOME apps are better, some KDE apps are better.
the differences in the apps is why installing multiple desktop options is commonly done, so you can have your choice of app for any task, and run in your choice of desktop environment.

Kopete is actually the best IM client on linux, all im protocols but skype in one application. a KDE app, not installable without the core of kde installed.

yet for exchange type tools, and email / calendaring integration Evolution, a gnome app, is the way to go.

edit to add:

the performance differences I'm thinking about with this are things someone new to linux would not know about, or notice until the switched distros and installed their preferred apps.

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Very good to know

by jimmy-jam In reply to distro choice does matter ...

I am only in ankle deep right now but maybe before I go too much deeper I need to re-evaluate my distro of choice. I guess since Red Hat was what I used previously, I may look at Fedora. Suggestions?

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