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Linux Mint 14: My Windows takeover rolls on

By robo_dev ·
There is a wonderful Linux distro called Mint, which has a wonderful interface called 'Mate'.

It all started when my Windows desktop blew up and the reload of XP was not going well (BSODs during setup).

So I put Mint on my desktop and it just works.

After using it a couple of weeks, the only 'gotcha' I've found is that the scanner software will recognize the ADF in my HP all-in-one printer, but I need to manually combine each page in a multi-page PDF scan (wah).

Also the LAN file transfer performance is not great, but I've learned to use rsync for backup, which is very fast.

Next I wiped Windows 7 from an ancient HP netbook. Had to load some files using the wired ethernet to make the Broadcom wireless work, but no other issues at all.

Next loaded a Dell Mini 12 that had XP on it with Mint, and it also worked fine (no issues at all).

On all these machines, all the hardware was detected (cept for WLAN issue above), could connect to printer/scanner with no problem, and can see NAS and Windows shares with no problems.

Best of all, the netbooks go a lot faster with Linux, especially web browsing. There is no anti-virus software loaded, and it's not needed.

The only two Windows apps I am 'missing' is Netflix and iTunes. But I can live without iTunes, I backup the phone using Simple Transfer (iphone app) and I can watch Netflix on lots of other devices.

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There is a netflix hack out there

by Slayer_ In reply to Linux Mint 14: My Windows ...

Try searching TR for it, it was a hack to get netflix to work on Ubuntu, so the same process should work for Mint.

Maybe use google to search TR, TR's search is borderline useless.

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