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Linux Mint vs. PCLinux

By ted ·
What do you think? I have installed both systems, and my OOBE was for Linux Mint. It had everything that I always install on my desktop. I personally prefer linux mint. Does anyone have any reasons why PCLinux would be a better choice for the consumer?

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I have not used either in a while

by Dumphrey In reply to Linux Mint vs. PCLinux

and neither stayed installed for more then a few weeks, but my initial impressions were that Mint ahd a more "polished" feel to the interface and media playback, PCLOS was more stable (maybe reliable is a better word). By this I mean I had many problems with ubdate/upgrade packages in the Mint tree being broken, and breaking others when they got installed through the "update" process. I have since read that Mint has improved on this (it was an incompatibility with the Ubuntu base packages I think), but I have not re-installed to see. I do know that Mint was able to use my Netgear wireless-pci card with the included ndiswrapper and driver package (saving me from looking for the cd, or moving a driver with a flash drive).
If I had to choose between the two, I think I would choose PCLOS at this point, which makes me sad, as I LOVE Mint, I just find it not reliable enough.

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