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I am new with Linux OS and i have downloaded fedora 13 from fedora And what i want to do is to configure a Linux Box to work as a name server but i don't have any clue how i can start this please help me in step by step work out, i only know that i need to have BIND installed which i have done so. Please help me out

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Read the BIND 9 documentation.

by seanferd In reply to LINUX NAMESARVER CONFIGUR ...

You will also need to know what you are using this nameserver for, in order to configure it for its intended purpose. can't just guess at this stuff.

edit: Make sure that both BIND has the latest patches, and Fedora as well, especially if it is 64-bit version. Very dangerous current vulnerabilities exist if you do not have the latest versions of BIND and the 64-bit Linux kernel.

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read read read

by hondafrank In reply to Read the BIND 9 documenta ...

Seanferd is right. You need to know what you're using it for. Is it internal or public?

Check this link:

A great book for Bind is:

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by seanferd In reply to read read read

The question most likely indicates authoritative, but I can't be sure considering the OP's lack of knowledge on this.

And I would seriously consider finding a more server-oriented OS than Fedora.

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You'd probably better subscribe to security alerts

by TobiF In reply to Read the BIND 9 documenta ...

If you use BIND or Appache or some other software in control of publicly available services, you should make sure that you subscribe to related security alerts.

Now and then, zero-day vulneravibilities are discovered, and then you want to react quickly.

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