Linux Network Card Drivers

By jameshyland91 ·
I just bought a lan card for my linux computer but there were no drivers. does anyone know where i could get linux drivers for a Unitek Y-832 LAN card. instructions for instalation would be good aswell:)

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by Kiltie In reply to Linux Network Card Driver ...

Most modern Linux have excellent hardware detection, better than Microsoft, in fact.

So what Distro are you using? which version?


I did find some drivers using Google (67 hits searching for Y-832 driver) but seem to be at source code level, I am not sure that is what you want or need.

It looks like a Japanese company with a new LAN card. didn't have anything to use.

It could very well be that nobody has written a driver for that one yet, for Linux, dunno, info is sparse here.

So I ask again, which Linux are you using? Maybe we can find out from their website, the Companies website is a little short on data for that.

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by jameshyland91 In reply to Depends

Sorry i took so long to reply, i only got the email now. im using ubuntu 6.6 (daper drake i think). i have tried to find information on the ubuntu website but i couldn't find much. On the box for the card it says that it has linux drivers or the drivers disk but there are only windows drivers. if the source code is all you can find, thats great, and if you could tell me how to install it that would be even better.

Thanks a million

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LAN cards drivers

by rajsrmc In reply to Linux Network Card Driver ...

for linux basically we dont need of drivers please check it out whether KUDZU is enabled in your linux machine or else switch to interactive setup and configure the card happy networking.....

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