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By k_rulzee ·
i've installed Slackware 10.1, but don't know how to install the SAMBA. i'd like to connect my pc to a Windows based network. could you please show me how?

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by sarahmeggs In reply to Linux networking..

not sure about slackware, but in general:

*rpm install samba (get latest)
*configure using /etc/samba/smb.conf
There are some good example shares in this file
set host access IP/subnet
set server IP
lots of other options to set -> man smb.conf

*setup user for samba access on system
*setup samba password for user ( </etc/passwd > /etc/samba/smb.passwd)
*edit /etc/samba/smb/passwd and leave only required user.
*set samba passwd - smbpasswd <username>
*ensure smb service is registered and started
*from windows box, map drive to samba server share name using the username and password you defined.

Lots of good doco on internet, lots of howtos and lots of mailing lists with lots of examples. Make use of these.


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by paff In reply to Linux networking..

On your Slackware disks you have the samba package. It's in <slackware/n> directory on the CD. Named something like this - samba-3.0.20-i486-2.tgz (this is from 10.2). Don't remember the version in 10.1. To install - browse to the directory where samba package is. Then you have to choices (both run as root):
1. installpkg samba-3.0.20... tgz
or 2. pkgtool and choose the option install from current directory

In order to run SAMBA you need to write /etc/samba/smb.conf. In that directory there is sample smb.conf file (named a little bit different). Read it and write your own or use it. At there are lots of simple rules in order to write your smb.conf file.
To run samba - /etc/rc.d/rc.samba start (other options are stop and restart)

If you have problems you can use SWAT Web based tool for configuring SAMBA

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by Amit sharma In reply to Linux networking..

I m expecting that you have installed samba.

Create new-user-name & assign password on linux box for this user.
After that run this command for the newly created user. With below mentioned command we are adding & enabling the very same account for user.

smbpasswd -a -e new-user-name

It will ask for password & enter same password.

NOW Use this basic /etc/smb.conf
#you have to look for slack(machine-name) in your #network neibhbourhood over windows
netbios name = SLACK
security = user
encrypt passwords = yes

#We'll leave printing for the moment. Lets first make our minimal conf samba running.

valid users = %u
browseable = no
read only = no
do it & then restart smb service.

After tht run
smbclient -L

It will list the share of home in it.

Now go to windows machine... Login with your existing credentials & go to network neigbourhood & look for machine with "SLACK" name. Double click, you'll be asked for username & password to connect. Give the credentials your created above.

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