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linux on sata

By panju ·
i am facing problem when installing linux on a sata HDD. i cannot install it my friends are also facing the same problem.

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check this

by vsharma In reply to linux on sata

goto bios setting

here in motherboard or HDD setting there will be option work as SATA and IDE
click on that then it will work

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by plam In reply to linux on sata

Please verify
#1 are you boot to the sata drive-Sata-drive set as a bootable drive in bios
#2 assuming you boot from CD/DVD what is the next bootable device set in bios. (Refer to #1)
#3 assuming 1&2 are OK, do you set up for the OS to boot from the hard-drive-?boot-loader write to MBR of the sata?.

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BIOS is not the problem for me ...

by Junecore In reply to boot-order

hello Palm,

My BIOS setting are correct. Because I can boot FC4 from the SATA drive. Bu when I want to install RH9; RH9 installer does not detect my SATA drive.
( first it said no harddrive detected and to install drivers. I cannot find the WD800JD drivers. WD does not provide it either )...

If you know of any other procedure that RH9 can be installed on SATA... or SATA can be detected after RH9 install... please let me know.

Junecore ...

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Need help with SATA configuration on RH9

by Junecore In reply to linux on sata

Hello panju,

I am installing RH9 on DELL dimension 3100.
its has IDE and SATA ports. I could not install RH9 on SATA however, I could install FC4 on SATA. During installation, the RH9 OS installer does not pick up the SATA drive, while FC4 does. I need to work with RH9 and SATA drives. So I tried the following:

during linux installation, i tried to boot with
linux: boot all-generic-ide noapci nolapci
[ does not work ].
linux: boot all-generic-ide
[ does not work ].

So I added an IDE HDD with CDROM ide port as master and installed the RH9 on dimension 3100.
NOW I have a problem with SATA HDD not being able to be detected. The SATA drive I am using is model WD800JD (western digital ).
I can see this HDD from BIOS because if I do a F12 during POST. I can boot on the SATA drive.

Please let me if you had found a command that works.
More importantly, can the sata be detected after the RH9 is installed, if so how?

Junecore ....

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