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    Linux only needs to be marketed to people who may actually be interested in


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    So, hear me out. It doesn’t matter how much we explain to the normies what Linux is and why it is so great. They simply dont know or care. We need to convince the people that may actually be interested in Linux. For example, in India and other poorer, Linux is fairly popular at about 8.05%. This may be due to it being free and its ability to run smoothly on older and cheaper hardware. And many people are starting to hate the tracking and constant invasion of our privacy in our most sensitive moments. Linux privacy and security could be a great solution, plus, privacy enthusiasts already sacrifice a lot of convenience in most cases for better privacy. Companies may be interested in Linux for its stability. If it works today, it will work tomorrow. No random proprietary bullshit messing it all up. The thing i am trying to say is that we need to push Linux towards people with a good reason and also most likely to actually use Linux. Not the average guy who never heard of it. Then, there are the misconceptions. I was interested in Linux because of the Privacy and having old hardware, but there where some misconceptions. I thought that you need to know code and be able to use the terminal to do anything, which is not true, you can just use it like any other OS. And the biggest reason i was hesitant to switch was that i thought that basically no software would be able to run on my computer, but then i found out that 99% of all software works pretty flawlessly with compatibility layers. Then, there was the problem that i thought that i needed to ditch my current OS for Linux, which was also a huge barrier. When i found out you could dual boot, i could try Linux without loosing anything. And that is why i am a Linux user. These misconceptions where not proven wrong by the internet, i would never have tried Linux.

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