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Linux operating system

By alan ·
what are the capabilities and features of Linux operating system?

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by cpfeiffe In reply to Linux operating system

You're going to get a large array of responses here, but I really like it. It has all of the capabilities of UNIX (i.e. access to tons of high end freeware, tighter security and control, better troubleshooting, etc.) while providing many of the ease-of-use features of Windows (i.e. Open Office is just as good as Microsoft Office).

You may find that it lacks some in the cutting-edge technology department. For example, if a new scanner is released it may not be compatible with your system quite yet. Someone will have to figure out how to write a new driver or something. It will happen, but it will take time.

You will find that support is not so good for what it costs and you are better off using communities like this to get answers, but the people that really work on it and watch these communities are often very helpful.

So it really comes down to what you need to use it for. Scalability also has some question marks beyond eight processors and in some cases beyond four but they are working on that.

You should choose a release of Linux that is popular because you will find more support for it. You can't really go wrong with Red Hat / Fedora, but many of us that have used Linux for a while have grown to like less popular brands.

Good luck.

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by Nico Baggus In reply to Linux operating system

I agree with the previous answer,

As an example you could try knoppix or any other
"live" -cd for a full blown implementation
running on you PC off the cdrom.

If you want to experiment you could try to look
at a nice clean
server/firewall setup.

Linux Router project might give you some insight
to its networking capabilities..

It's easy to try it without causing a major
earthquake on your computers (well until you
decide to really go for it ofcourse;-)

Some links:

kind regards,

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by bloodbought24 In reply to Linux operating system

Capabilities are many. Even more than Windows. You can configure the system to run as a firewall, database server, web server, mail server, workstation, etc. You can even set it up to perform as a TVO system using myth tv, if your skilled. It can do web surfing, word processing, spreadsheets, etc. Doesn't seem to be too many games, although there are a few good ones available for Linux. Real player is also available for Linux. The list goes on and on. Most everything can be done in graphical mode, however there are times when a command prompt is usefull. Learning the file structure and command line will take a bit of study. But then again it takes a bit of study to learn where Microsoft hides all its wizards. Every time they change to a new version of Windows, they shuffle the deck. That's what Microsoft certification is all about. Knowing where they hide the Wizard. If you nknow where they hide the wizard, you can command big bucks as a systems administrator. Linux doesn't seem to change its structure over time. You'll have to get used to directory names like etc, var, mnt, home, usr, instead of C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Pictures. As for stability, I've had a Linux server running for a year now without any antivirus program on it and never had a blue screen of death or a crashed program yet. I have heard of others going longer than that. One very important concideration is hardware compatability and support. Make sure you can get the right printer drivers. Esspecially if you have corporate networked printers. I've configured large Xerox color laser printers to work with Red Hat 7.3 and 9.0, but it took a bit of emailing tech support from xerox to do it. Also, I've never downloaded photos from a digital camera onto Linux, so I'm not sure how hard or easy that would be.

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by Choppit In reply to Linux operating system

Heres my contribution,

High configurability and stability, not to mention tons of (free) open source software covering almost everything. If you're curious about Linux, get yourself a good reference book an jump right in. You'll never see Windows in the same light again.

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by gmulak In reply to Linux operating system

I would have to agree with all of the above answers. I would add a few items of clairification.

Knoppix is a great way to find out if your system will run linux. It is a bootable CD, just plug it in. If everything works, it is great.

I would purchase the lowest end of linux that you need, such as suse linux workstation for $39.00. You get so much more stability than M$ Windows, it is absolutely increadable. The games are stable and don't crash. I get all my e-mail, no problem. I have to debug and reboot my Windozz machine at least once a day.

Support is a pain, you either have to figure it out yourself (which can be fun and great learning), find someone to help as in a users group, or use a group such as this one.

Have fun!

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