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Linux or Windows based web server?

By srvctec ·
I'm in charge of selecting a web and email server for our small business with less than 30 PCs and Macs. I was going to get a Toshiba Magnia SG20 or SG30 but was told by my sales rep at CDW that Toshiba just quit making servers. If I go with one of these, we will be in the same boat we are in now which is: having a server with limited or non-existent support either now or in the near future (we currently have a Netwinder Linux based web/email server with no support).

Does anyone have any input on which server is best to get or if Windows vs. Linux is more/less secure. The powers that be want to keep the price in the less than $2000 range, preferably in the $1500 range. The reason we have Linux based is because of security (this may or may not be a valid reason).

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Your best option

by Oz_Media In reply to Linux or Windows based we ...

IN a small company with security and cost as factors in your NOS try looking AWAY from MS solutions, the licencing will eat your budget as well as the fact that you have to pretty much purchase every licence separately for the various products.

Enter Novelll Linux. Novell has a phenominal history of building secure NOS's that allows more simultaneous logins and processes than Microsoft does, Linux is known globally for it's security and stability that reduces Netadmin work a thousandfold when compared to MS and the need for multiple MCSE's to keep it running.

Linux for Desktops, is a FULL Network suite, with Red Carpet to distribute software across the network PC's and easing in patch management, which there is very little of in a Netware world.

Linux for Desktops and NOvell Linux NOS is by far the most robust, affordable and complete network solution available today. I have set it up for a 15 node office a 30 node office and across 34 branches of a grocery chain in BC, it hasn't failed ONCE, not one single issue in over 9 months, no reboots, no extra hardware needed, the system requirements are VERY minimal it is just excellent all around.

Do yourself and your company a favour, your needs are small this will more than suffice as you grow but it is very affordable for small and medium sized businesses although Netware serves some of the largest corporations around the world. In Europe, Netware and Linux are taking over from Microsoft as people become less and less trusting of MS products. I have always installed Novell products, many times removing older MS installs to upgrade to Netware products, customers thank me and can't believe they were sucked into investing SO much in MS offerings.

Good luck,

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Novell and other NOS in the Marketplace

by HVTechRick In reply to Your best option

Great endorsement for Novell, but do you have independent studies or test to support your endosement?

My career started with Novell's NetWare 3.12. I then moved on to NetWare 4.11 and haven't touched any Novell product since. I've been "knee-deep" in Sun's Solaris, Linux and of course Windows NT/2000/XP over the past 4 years or so. Now I'm working with Novell again, this time, NetWare 6.

Do you have any valid independent resources that can make an argument to customers, clients and/or fellow peers one way or the other.



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