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Linux or Windows?

By Norehca ·
A frequently asked question. I see this come up alot in threads that are usually not related. people going back and forth about whats better. Heres a discussion thread for you to discuss why you like either or. Please no hating. I simply wonder why Linux users love it so much, and vice versa for Windows lovers.

Myself, i like both. On one hand Linux is free for most distros, its stable (reliable), nearly free of viruses, and has more non graphical approach where you do more of typing than clicking which in some cases is alot faster.

Windows on the other hand to me is easier. IT took me like 3 hours to install drivers on ubuntu and then afte ri was finally finished got a really unexpected blue screen. It took me 1 second to double click the installation file for Windows. Alot easier i think.

What about you???

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Linux on the Rise

by iG34RH34D In reply to Linux or Windows?

I would agree that Windows is definately easier with some tasks. But then you'd expect that for the price you generally pay for licensing. But it's really a matter of numbers. I don't know how many employees split between the different product and developement departments Redmond now boasts (probably more than a thousand) but there have been over 17 million people involved all told with just the Linux KERNEL. Not to mention the many busy hands working on COUNTLESS packages, servers and even open drivers & such. Linux will out-pace Windows eventually. Windows is a labor of profit. Linux is a labor of LOVE. Already package maturity and usability are much greater than just a few years ago. Although it can be frustrating to watch a program break or spend hours loading drivers, it's a pleasure to watch your favorite OS grow and mature to an ever more useful and stable giant. Just my opinions......

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labor of love...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Linux on the Rise

Labors of love rarely garner strong public attention or involvement.

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by Shaun.G In reply to Linux or Windows?

I dont know the first thing about it... nor how to set it up... wouldnt know where to begin.

I prefer a GUI to commandline any day of the week.

However, read this article ( and read this report (

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Tough call

by portable In reply to Linux or Windows?

I have used Windows since version 3, I was a sys-admin on an HP-UX machine. Bothhave their great points, both have their "hair pullers". I love the power you have with unix commands, but the editors... come on! Windows is bloated and slow, and THEY decide where YOU want to put something. Some of it makes sense, but others... For instance, I would like to put only the operating system, programs, and drivers on the boot drive, and have data on a seperate drive. Ok, you can, but you have to tell each program seperately. Then, try to get a backup where you don't have to re-load everything!
Unix is user hostile, but great if you know what your are doing, really gives you options and control.
With what I see about Vista, my next OS will most likely be some flavor of unix.

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Unix v Windows

by Shaun.G In reply to Tough call

If Unix could have a simple Windows interface (like windows) and run Office, and be easy to install and configure, then great, I would probably move... but I am not about to learn a new operating system just yet.

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it does

by Norehca In reply to Unix v Windows

Most linux distros come standard with a great office suite called openoffice, and at the same time offer a user interface much like windows. And you can run apps the same way, although ive had trouble installing apps. They dont seem to show up in the programs menu. Im also a hardcore gamer, and dont feel like messing with wine. So ill be sticking with windows either untill someone creates a directx emulation, or al games start coming out for linux.

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Office in Linux

by Shaun.G In reply to it does

I think you misuderstood... I have looked at other office suites, and I prefer Microsoft Office. If it cannot run on a linux platform, it wont tempt me.

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ok, then that is your preference

by w2ktechman In reply to Office in Linux

and I can respect that. Most people here wanted to keep Wordperfect but were forced into MS Office. But, at home, I much prefer Outlook over the alternatives, so I had to purchase it. I have tried a few alternatives in Linux, but now only check my mail from my XP box.
hmmm. Maybe that will change one day, cause I cannot see buying an OS and Office suite just for Outlook!

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by Shaun.G In reply to ok, then that is your pre ...

I used to like Pegasus32 for mail... it was good, but its gone now... lack of funds.

I dont use outlook, I used to use it, but its such a bother to configure... I just go to the web site and its all there...all the time. So I dont worry too much. I have considered the syncronisation method too... and may do that... I am not sure yet.

Currently i have issues with XP and and win2k box... and its posted. So I am not really about to try something new yet.

I looked at k-windows - it looks ok... perhaps if I could see it all working as it should, I could be tempted...I dont know.

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You can

by w2ktechman In reply to Unix v Windows

cause Linux has the power. If you choose, the KDE desktop is great and requires little to learn from Windows.

However, even with Vista, you need to learn the OS (or relearn it).

Ok, I admit, I use both WinXP and Linux now, all because of Vista. Before I was a Win-only person.

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