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Linux OS on a 2500/2600 Cisco router

By bgallaghe ·
I have been thinking of a way to run a text based linux with internet browsing ability running on a router. Here is how it works:

1) I have found a motified redhat linux live floppy disk that turns *ALL* pc's into a dumb terminal
2) The Cisco OS is modified or replaced to be a simple file server and has internet browsing capibilities
3) The PC and Router work along side each other

This will be step one... Next a component will be engeneered that takes the console port output and converts it into a video signal and integrate a keyboard therefore eliminating the pc and the live floppy that works as a dumb terminal.

***Imagine, the routers that you have laying around... sit one on top of your cable box, plug it into your t.v. and browse the internet from your couch.

I'm guessing that there will need to be a computer (minitureized) needed to make the codeing outputed from the console port compatable.

The first step for this is to further simplify the redhat os and write the output script to send the video signal to a different part of the computer such as the internal pc speaker, then the pins from the speaker can be connected to yellow video cable (2 pins). The OS will support this video output. Then If its possible to get a small board that has only that on it. (maybe put in* case of router)

Please send feedback... Also if you can help me... If not, look back for more later!

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