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Linux RedHat & Windows2000 Advenced Server

By mirla106 ·
Hi all In our network 2 servers
1:RedHat linux9 as a 1st level firewall
2:Win2000 AdvancedServer to ActiveDirectory and other things

Is there anyone who can give me brief info about this system.(i am a bit confused)
thank you.

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What exactly do you want to know?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Linux RedHat & Windows200 ...

I'm supposing that this is a setup that you have walked in on and don't quite understand how/why it was either setup that way or how it works. Is this right?

Actually it makes a lot of sense using Linux as the front door to the world as it is harder to break than Windows even with ISA installed. What you have to remember is that these OS's work in different ways to each other so what could affect Windows will not affect Red Hat.

But I'm supposing that the Linux box is not only the firewall but also has the AV protection as well as the mail server with something most likely Apache running on it. Doing things this way makes it far harder to breach security and will keep the run of the mill hacker out granted it will never stop a pro but then again nothing will but at least you can be content in the knowledge that you've made the bugger work that much harder to breach the security than he/she would have had to if there was only Windows there.

Actually this is a perfect place to run a Distro as none of the end users would know and you simply have a better front end to the world which keeps out most of the nasties that Windows would let in.

Then there is also the "Cost" factor as even the corporate version of Red Hat is far cheaper than a Server version of Windows and it may even be a free download or one of those off the shelf copies of Red Hat that can be bought for a few dollars. With any copy of Red Hat you get everything unlike Windows which is only an OS and you then need to shell out more money for all the software that you need to run on the box. With the "free" version or the "off the shelf" version there are 7 CD's involved which have a lot of very useful software included and then you can download whatever else you need for little more than the download time involved unlike Windows where you are constantly paying out money for updated software every year or so.

Anyway Red Hat is communicating with Windows via Samba that way the Red Hat box can see the Windows Box and the Windows Box can see the Red Hat box it's all very easy if you aren't a MS junkie who knows nothing else.

But if this hasn't answered your questions then if you could be a bit more specific I'll try to answer when I have the spare time.


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