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By sysadmin ·
I have got 2 hard disks in the system. one of them has windows 98 and other linux.
the linux partitions are
root, boot, home, data,swap.
i am trying to remove linux. by using bootable disk of windows 98 but i am unable to delete the extended partition, but rest non-dos partition could be removed, it says that there is logical drive, but when i am checking for logical drive it shows no logical drives. when i tried using bootable linux Cd it says for new installation or upgradation, i delete the partition through disk druid but the partition gets reset.i am not proceeding further with linux after deleting the partition it wants me to define the partition mount point .

please advise me or give suggestions

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by LMon In reply to Linux Removal

with the 98 cd you are selecting fdisk right?

It should allow give u the options to see what extended or logical drives are currently on their right now. select which should be option 4. Once you have what they are pre esc then I think 3 then select wheter they are active dos, non-active, or logical. I think you will using active dos then delete you can recreate them.

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by SpiderErrol In reply to Linux Removal

See this page ( ) which describes how to clear the partition table and start again from a win98 boot disk.

I STRONGLY recommend unpluging your windows drive before doing this as you'll be upset if you erase the wrong one.

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by ChrisBurch In reply to Linux Removal

Use ranish partition manager - but as above, make sure you know which drive is your win98 drive


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by DAW1 In reply to Linux Removal

Use windows 98 boot disk with the undocumented fdisk /mbr and it will rewirte the master boot record and you will need to repartition the drive using fdisk. After using fdisk /mbr you will need to reboot. Be sure you have the right drive or Windows will be damaged.

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