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By Simon@SRN ·

im having trouble setting up SuSE 8.2 as a simple router in text mode. It worked fine in graphical but now won't work after i reinstalled in non-graphical mode.

The setup i have is:

PC (
eth1 (
eth0 (DHCP)

The PC & router can ping each other fine
The router can access the internet ok
The PC can do a trace route to eth0
But the PC can't access anything on the other side of eth0

IP forwarding is enable, and the firewall/s on PC and Linux router aren't running. I can't tell if the routing daemon is working as i don't know how.

Any ideas?

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by cdargent In reply to Linux router

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -j MASQUERADE
Done that?
Actually, thats a really simple rule but that should work.

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by Simon@SRN In reply to

I found the same info from somewhere else on the internet, but you did answer the question.

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by manish_rit21 In reply to Linux router

I am sorry that I am not answering your this question. Actually I think that you are very good in Linux. Please answer my Question.

Do you know about any software for Red hat Linux which is freely available on Internet from which we can restrict some of our users from using Internet. I want that I should connect my Linux Box between our WatchGuard (Router) and Switch and separte users have there own username and password. If you have any Idea please tell me in detail how to do it.

Manish Anand.

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by Simon@SRN In reply to

You could use iptables to restrict certain users to either the entire internet or specific port if you want, as long as they are using static addresses.

There might be something a little more sophisticated out there though.

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by Simon@SRN In reply to Linux router

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