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By IT,Steve ·
I can't find a good supplier of Linux. Everything I find is for servers, I need a version for my home computer but can't find a reputable source. Any help is welcome.

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by djent In reply to Linux sales

You can get Linux at some of the computer discount chains, vendors web sites ie:, or sites that distribute open source copies ie: I got a three disk set of mandrake 9 for $9 from edmonds.

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Choose a version

by TheChas In reply to Linux sales

You can purchase or download most Linux distributions.

Here is the link to RedHat version 8.0

You can either buy it from them, or click on the link for a re-seller.

Many stores may not stock the Linux personal edition because most users download the free versions.
Retailers cannot afford to stock items that just sit on the shelf.


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Server vs Wkstn is the pckgs installed

by LordInfidel In reply to Linux sales

Unlike windows with it's many different OS's, which are further differentiated by 'wkstn' or 'server'.

Linux does not abide by those rules.

Linux (be it RedHat, Slackware, BSD, etc) basically share the same common theme. Depending on what packages you install and how you install it will depend on it's role.

A initial install of let's say RH 8 as a wkstn. You can take that initial install, add some more partitions, remove all of the x-windows/gnome pkgs and add srvr type packages, andvoila', you now have a srvr.

Not so easy in the windows world. You can't just take 98se and add some stuff to it and have it turn into 2K srvr.

So, if i was you, I would find a distro that you are comfortable with. (My opinion would to be tostart off with RH8, it's linux with training wheels). Install it as a wkstn, accept the defaults and it will do the rest for you.

Once you get more comfortable with installing it, choose the custom option and pick and choose which pkgs you want.

One of the coolest places to figure out which pkg (RPM) does what is

Good luck

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Go with Mandrake

by talleywho In reply to Linux sales

Mandrake is the best place to get started if you ask me. After attempting to jump into linux w/ red hat just to get frustrated on the install process, I found Mandrake to be exactly what I was looking for. Tons of features, great community, give it a shot...

Since beginning to use it a month ago, there are only a few things I do weekly that cause me to have to boot into my win 2k box. Also, you will see on their site that Wal Mart is now selling home PCs with Mandrake already configured for around $400.

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