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    Linux / Samba/ Shared Files / Error


    by johnjackson1132 ·

    Heya guys…a quick run down.

    I have a Linux/Samba server I use at my work. We have about 18 users that connect to it on a daily basis. All these users are on our corporate network.

    We have two buildings…Dispatch which has subnet of 192.168.30.XX and then the Shop…about 2 MI away, which has a subnet of 192.168.90.XX

    The Linux server is completley fine, and everyone on the 192.168.30 subnet can view it fine, and it works perfectly. I cannot though get the .90.XX subnet to connect to it.

    I allowed the subnet in the “Host Allow” list, and I can ping all the computers on the .90.XX subnet from the .30.XX subnet, and they can ALL ping the samba server, and EVERY other computer on our Quickway-CSI workgroup over here at Dispatch. (basically, every PC can ping one another)

    Basically, I cannot connect to my linux box from ONE subnet to ANOTHER. I can ping it, however; when I try to bring up my 192.168.30.XX/public folder, I get invalid Network Path, or invalid Network name. I throw the .90.XX computers onto the Quickway-CSI work group, and under Windows “view workgroup” computers nothing shows up.

    Anyone know why I can ping it, but not bring up a window to explore the shared files?

    Thanks Guys!


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      Stupid questions

      by jmgarvin ·

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      Is this part of a domain/AD? Do you have a samba server on each subnet? Can they talk to each other?

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        My Response

        by johnjackson1132 ·

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        What is Domain/AD? No, we have ONE Linux/Samba server, it is used for our terminal only, the .30.XX Subnet. I want to connect to it, from the .90.XX subnet, over at the shop. Both are on our Corporate Network, minus the fact both re-route to Nashville before reaching their destinations. The computers can ping eachother, he just can’t bring up shared files. Although, we have verified by using Putty and SSH that we can connect from over there at the command line level. Any ideas?

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          no replys ?

          by s51mt ·

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          I have similar problem, but no reply here …

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